About Dr Steven Laurent

Dr Steven Laurent a registered clinical psychologist, and member of the Australian Psychological Society. He works with all mental health problems, but specialises in anger management and couples counselling.

Dr Laurent is also a guest lecturer at Sydney University where he has taught Abnormal Psychology.

Dr Laurent completed a PhD in Psychology at Sydney University, and Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of New South Wales. Before beginning his studies in psychology, Dr Laurent completed a double major in Philosophy and Formal Logic at the Sorbonne in Paris.

In collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Ross Menzies, Laurent has published two anger-management books: The Anger Fallacy (Australian Academic Press, 2013), and The Anger Fallacy Workbook (2014). He also runs Psychology Today’s anger blog, entitled Chill Pill.

The dog pictured above is Leo, therapy dog in training 🙂